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Star Sales Recruitment

Have you ever hired someone you thought was going to be a gun sales person and then discovered that they were just a nice person and couldn't close a deal?

Having provided organisations with sophisticated sales training for a number of years, we have come to realise that recruiting for sales people is not like recruiting for any other role within your organisation.

We have a unique approach to sales recruitment, specifically designed to ensure that you find candidates suited to your market, who WILL sell, and their sales capability is tested throughout the process.

  • Candidates are assessed online against your criteria at the point of application - we only interview candidates who meet your criteria.
  • Our interview process tests their ability to build rapport and push past rejection in "real life" circumstances.
  • We only present candidates who can do the job you want them to do.
  • We drill down to detail and get to the actual results they have achieved in the sales experience.
What does this mean for your business?

Our ten plus years of recruitment experience together with our expertise in Sales Force Development enables us to show you a completely different style of sales recruitment. We can even train you in our process so that you can develop the internal expertise and ensure you recruit an outstanding sales person every time.

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