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Sales Assessment

As a CEO or business owner, you need to have access to vital information about your sales team...

This information needs to be accurate and specific. Something that you can act on. Your primary needs are:

  • To have confidence in the capability of your current sales organisation.
  • To improve capabilities of your Sales Managers.
  • To improve recruitment, selection and retention of salespeople.
  • To develop stronger salespeople who are capable of selling more and have higher margin business.

You are committed to achieving excellence for your frontline teams so our promise to you is to make the evaluation process the fastest and most effective available in Australia. There are many new, unproven assessments claiming to be sales specific.

The assessment tools used by Neural Networks Consulting were designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry from 1989. They have continued to enhance and improve these offerings. To date over 400,000 salespeople have been assessed with these tools and more than 8,000 sales forces evaluated. The accuracy is legendary. The insights are unique.

Salesforce Profile

You will uncover crucial information about your sales capabilities by undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of your sales force using the Sales Force Profile prior to investing in any further training or development.

While the primary focus of the evaluations will be to identify the current capabilities of your sales leadership group and their ability to execute the 'leader to coach' training you have all undertaken, it will also provide you with a similar understanding of the leaders direct reports.

When you evaluate your sales force using the Sales Force Profile you will learn:

  • what you can reasonably expect from your existing sales force
  • what it will take for your sales force to execute your strategies
  • sales management effectiveness at coaching, motivating, recruiting growing and holding salespeople accountable
  • the quality of the pipeline (if appropriate)
  • who can improve and by how much
  • recommended training curriculum
  • ROI from training and much, much more

The assessment tool will identify the specific growth potential of the sales people and Sales Managers, what needs to be done to help them achieve that development and how long it will take. It will detail who will not get any better and why.

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