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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches bridge performance gaps and create a meaningful Personal Development Plan with measurable goals.

Our clients call on our executive coaches to work with both their high potential people and to assist those who need to bridge performance gaps. We employ a range of diagnostic tools (including Emotional Intelligence) to provide the person being coached with the insight and awareness to create a meaningful Personal Development Plan with measurable goals.

To be coached or not to be coached. That is the question.

There are many lessons we can learn as a coach from the sports arena. We know that all great sports performers have great coaches. Time and again we consult with major organisations that 'hire greatness' just to be disappointed. They hope to get results by taking seasoned professionals and sending them out into the field to 'perform'. While this may work short term (weeks to months) long term success (as in sport) only comes with great coaching.

Skills and performance can be greatly enhanced through the intervention of a personal coach.

The business environment is no exception. With the help of an executive coach you can readily achieve your personal best …….and better.

Executive Coaching provides you with:

  • A professional sounding board
  • One on one coaching
  • Improved relationships
  • Career development
  • Positive changes in behaviour
  • Improved performance

Our Executive Coaching model (EVOLVE) involves using a number of sophisticated self assessment tools, including: BarOn EQ-i 2.0 ® (Emotional Intelligence), NLP Thinking Styles and Motivational Values Inventory.

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