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eMotiv Selling

Are you running "great" sales training but not getting great results?

If you’re frustrated by the fact you have a small group of top performers, a large number of mid range performers and a difficult group of low performers, you need to contact us.

Imagine the impact on your results if you could lift the performance of 20%, 50% or even 80% of your sales team?

Our signature and proven sales training program promotes consistent sales success. The program is practical and skills based, inspiring people through both personal and professional development.

  • See the gap between where you want to be and where you are now as a sales professional.
  • Go to work on identifying your hidden obstacles to success and how to create success internally.
  • Get to the bottom of how you relate to yourself as a salesperson and overcome the self sabotaging behaviour you didn’t know you had.
  • Turn on an “Empowering Self Concept” anytime, anyplace and increase your success
  • Consistent sales success
  • Increasing margins
  • Gaining higher ticket sales
  • Achieving stretch targets
  • Learn the questioning techniques that will get you to your customers true needs and desires.
  • Dramatically improve your ability to qualify and close sales as a natural progression of your conversation.
  • Get the most out of prospecting and avoid wasting time with people who don’t buy.
  • Capitalize on existing relationships and increase your warm leads.
  • Understand and anticipate the needs of your customers through having an intimate knowledge of their needs, wants and buying patterns.
  • Come away with proven techniques in establishing trust that will create long term business relationships.
  • Just imagine that you could ask questions that bring forth a need in your customers they didn’t know they had – here you will find out how.
  • Learn the exciting alternative to features and benefits selling – facilitating the customers buying experience.
  • Create influence, direct the mind to solutions and use the language that best suits your customer to achieve results with integrity.
  • Become skilled in a seamless approach to closing the sale.
  • Gain clarity in dealing with objections.
  • Get the skills and confidence to negotiate in the moment and find the resolution that satisfies your customer’s criteria.

The customised and proven eMotiv Selling™ program is designed to promote a culture of consistent sales success by improving and consolidating staff sales talents (innate) and skills (learnt). Team managers will have the tools to coach for improved performance. With a greater understanding of the skills and talents required to be successful sales professionals, your people will be better equipped to self evaluate their own performance.

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“John has assisted in a mindset shift for our sales staff. His teachings challenge the individual in both their personal and work life. We have been able to harness this previous latent energy and use it to continually break new ground.”

National Manager - Direct Finance
Esanda Finance