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Customer Experience

A customer experience program with a difference

Founded on the building of authentic relationships and highly sophisticated communication and influence skills, this program will guarantee the creation of RAVING FANS!

Promote the creation of a best practice, service excellence performance culture. This means developing an integrated service culture of engagement, customer focus and performance accountability that aligns with your organisation's values.

Influencing with Integrity uses a fascinating blend of personal and professional development based influence and communication skills. Your people will have the opportunity to complete an NLP Thinking Styles Profile that will enhance their understanding of human behaviour and provide them with practical strategies for influence.

Innovative tools include:

  • instant unconscious “I like you” rapport building approaches
  • solution oriented questioning to help avoid time wasting
  • take complete control of the conversation with seamless language patterns
  • managing your emotional state with difficult customers

Explore critical and often overlooked talents and sophisticated negotiation tools that will help you persuade with authenticity.

We have also developed a number of ‘train the trainer’ programs for our clients in order for them to continue building an outstanding service culture with their own internal capability.

Let us help you create 'Raving Fans'. Call today on 9555 7955

“We have been extremely pleased with the level of service provided by Neural Networks. As head of a shared services Training division servicing two distinctly different businesses, I needed a Service Delivery program that aligned to each of their needs and suited two entirely different customer bases. Andrew and the greater team worked with us during the planning phase to ensure that the program was relevant and integrated as much of our terminology and practices as possible.

Training our internal Facilitators to deliver the program also aided in the credibility and take up. We are very happy with the program and are receiving extremely positive feedback from employees - many self confessed cynics who had no desire to initially attend the workshops but who left saying that they had not only learned new techniques but thoroughly enjoyed the program.”